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Throw, Give and Keep boxes I understand. What’s the 4th box? I think I need boxes 4-10 to categorize my papers. (I’m a ‘paper-pusher’ in my mind and thinking paper/lists/letters/photos/family/friends/groups/hobbies/diabetes/recipes… well you get the picture. I cause my own clutter with paper and my system of filing is cluttering also. Why is vertical better than horizontal. Less floor space?


I attended your seminar at the Oak Brook Marriott in Westmont and found it very helpful. I have always wanted to get rid of boxes of books by trying to sell them at our garage sales. I asked you at the seminar if you had a list of organizations that I could drop off donations. Can you please send me a list of where I can drop off not only books but toys, clothes and stuffed animals? I would appreciate your help.

One more question that I didn’t have time to ask you yesterday … do you schedule your everyday chores such as dinnertime, laundry, paying bills, etc. at certain times (ex. dinner-5:00 thru 6:00), or are you more flexible with daily stuff? Thanks you for your help. – Sandra


Any suggestions for those daily receipts (grocery, fuel, etc.)? They seem to pile up so fast. What do you do with the ones you need to save for returns? – Sheila


Do you have any tips for keeping on track with a check register? Your ideas for my calendar and to do list were so helpful, and have eliminated my post-its that had invaded my life! I currently don’t keep my register up to date.Thanks, Kathy


Kim, you spoke about having a fire safe box for important, hard to replace paperwork at the seminar I attended last week. Would you send me a copy of that list?Thanks so much. Richard

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