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Moving Sale Services

If you are experiencing a life change or downsizing, a Moving Sale will clear furniture and all other items you do not want. Our fee includes over 100 hours of time improving the value of the space you are selling and providing money for future needs.

After our initial walk through, the sale process includes:

  • Merchandising
  • Pricing
  • Advertising online and signage
  • Staffing
  • Donation of all unwanted items

Home Organizing

Your home should be a peaceful place, not a source of stress and disarray that you want to avoid. The De-Clutter Box will help you create your sanctuary by:

  • Helping you set up systems & structure in each area based on how you think and operate in each space
  • Maximizing the space available in each area
  • Helping you pair down to what you truly use, need and enjoy
  • Setting limits so you can easily maintain your organized environment

Office / Paperwork

The De-Clutter Box can help you increase your productivity by helping you become more efficient in your office. We’ll give you the tools to:

  • Know what to keep and what to throw out
  • Create specific places for paperwork, projects, supplies, etc.
  • Create a more efficient/productive workplace
  • Teach you to use a day planner or calendar so that you can keep on top of your priorities

Paper Management

We help you:

    • Make sense of years of paperwork or an outdated file system
    • Pair down that paperwork to the basics
    • Personal paperwork should be the items that describe who you are & what you have of value


    • Set up your desk area based on how you think & operate so that it will be easy to find what you need, when you need it and easily maintain what you have
    • Restructure the placement of the furnishings to make you more efficient & productive
    • Maximize your space if storage, a number of people use the space or a number of projects happen concurrently

Time Management

Time Management: How can you get things done if you haven’t scheduled time to do so? With our help you’ll be:

      • Using the right calendar or planner based on how you think
      • Going to bed at night not worrying you’ll forget something
      • Be able to balance things you need to do, things that pile up and those sudden daily emergencies


Closet/Wardrobe Design & Organizing

We can help you organize your wardrobe and easily weed out the items you no longer use or wear. We work one-on-one with you to eliminate items that would show your age or not fit properly, as well as:

      • Teaching you to keep like together and make getting ready each day EASY
      • Maximizing your space to meet your clothing and storage needs
      • Create a simple system to help you maintain your wardrobe set up


Senior Downsizing

The De-Clutter Box can help seniors who are looking to simplify their lives by giving them options and ideas for downsizing. Our services include:

      • Assistance in sorting through a lifetime of possessions
      • Helping decide the proper distribution of items to family, charities, etc.
      • Packing assistance and redesign for your house sale and for your new home to accommodate the items you truly need, use and enjoy


Home Redesign & Staging

We are experts in ‘redesigning’ homes throughout the Chicagoland area to get them ready for the For Sale sign. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and staging is one of the most important things you can do to help sell your space. Our service includes:

      • Opening up your home to be more spacious, warm and inviting using the items you already have
      • Ideas or implementation for ‘curb appeal’
      • Optimizing the space in your home so that future buyers can envision themselves living there


Kitchen Organizing

The De-Clutter Box can make sense out of a kitchen where things are stored willy nilly or you just don’t know what you have. Our service includes:

      • Setting up stations based on how you operate in the kitchen
      • Setting up food storage by broad, yet specific needs
      • Elimination of items that are not used or needed any longer or are out dated
      • Storing items based on your daily needs vs. overall usage

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Relocation & Move-In Service

The De-Clutter Box can assist you in the time leading up to and following your big move. Our staff will help you remove the items you do not need to have accessible during this stage of a move, de-clutter the items you will no longer use or need, as well as:

      • Packing these items before your move
      • Provide checklist approach to move day and needed things to do before and during
      • Unpacking and getting you settled in with as much comfort and ease as possible

Move-In / Unpacking

  • Two professional organizers unpacking & setting up the heart of your home – your kitchen. Plus with a little packing prep they’ll get the beds made and the essentials unpacked.
  • Unpacking and organizing of household goods for 2 8 hour days so that your new house becomes a home.
  • With pre planning you can go to work and come home feeling in control of the main areas of your new home.
  • 32 hours of unpacking & organizing services $1850.00


public-speaking-2The De-Clutter Box gives presentations to a variety of groups. The topic of the presentation is up to you, and can range from a hands on paper management workshop, student program or various tips on home organizing. Kim can get your group’s members motivated to Get Organized! Contact us today to schedule your program.



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