Chicago Professional Organizer Services-Home & Office

The De-Clutter Box provides professional organizing services throughout the Chicagoland area for those OVERWHELMED by stuff in any area of their home or business environment. We help our clients gain control and maintain their environment so that they have more time, money and energy to enjoy what is truly important to them. Whatever your area of concern, we not only give each area of your life a home, but also the keys to maintain the systems we have set up together. We offer confidential, hands on & non-judgmental assistance to meet your organizing needs.

We have been in the professional organizing business since 1994 servicing Chicago and the Western Suburbs.

Our services include:

Conquer The Clutter: After only 5 hours of working together, you'll not only feel motivated, but like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. When we work with you, you'll regain control of your environment and your home will feel more spacious. Working together, we'll organize the items you truly use, need and enjoy so you can easily find what you need, when you need it.

Learn Organizing Skills: As expert organizers, we don't simply come into your home and "sweep away" clutter. We teach you organizational and time-management skills that will help you maintain an organized, harmonious home forever.

Manage Those Piles: Are stacks of paper piling up all over your house? We'll help you set up a system to organize your incoming papers, and determine which records you DON'T need to keep for tax or legal purposes.

Simplify Your Move: Are you moving into a new home? Make your current home more saleable by eliminating clutter and using your existing items to make your house more inviting & spacious. When it's time to pack, we'll bring a level of organization to your packing that helps before and after the move. Plus, we'll help you quickly settle into your new home by efficiently unpacking your belongings and putting everything in its new, proper place.

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Expert Q&A (printed in Chicago Home Improvement Magazine, September 2009)

Question: I clip many coupons, but I don't know how to store them so they're readily accessible. Any ideas?

Kim Says: When you consider the cost of your time to clip coupons and their face value, you definitely want to clip wisely and use them. Here is a simple system that you can apply:

  • First, set up categories, such as: breakfast, snacks, paper products, grain products, pet supplies, baking and canned goods.
  • Then, divide each main category into subcategories of what you use. For example, under the "canned goods" category, you might have: tomato products, soups, fruit and veggies.
  • No matter what, set a limit as to how many coupons are realistic to have and base the size of a storage item on this limit. You can use letter-size envelopes or a store-bought coupon-divider pouch, to name a few options. Then, make your grocery list and separate the coupons you'll use before you get to the store.

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